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For more information or to book a session please contact Corey Buck, Structual Integration Therapist.

Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Have you sought out medical and alternative treatments and found little or no relief for your migraines?

Corey has successfully treated numerous clients with chronic migraines by balancing the cranial bones through CranioSacral Therapy and realigning the atlas with his Atlas Spinal Realignment Massage.

Contact Corey today at to schedule a session and begin your journey to a new life free of migraines!

What Clients are Saying

We had talked a lot about fascia, and I had learned from the migraine headaches that I had struggled with for years, and with Corey's guidance, how to come to sense it. It was not easy to tune into at first, because fascia tissue is such a subtle presence, …it reminds me of a spider web, so seemingly fragile and delicate, yet so strong that it can paralyze the entire muscular, skeletal, and nervous system.

With Corey's help, the migraines had completely disappeared, and I could sense that the fascia around my head in general was relaxed all the time. It took several sessions early on to retrain the tissue to not react to pressure and seize up when I was under stress. That had become a chronic problem, with the migraines advancing over the years from once a month to threatening on the horizon at every intense situation, both trying and joyful.

Corey focused a lot in our early sessions gently re-directing the flow of energy sent from my dural membrane at the very top of my spine. He explained that the very fibers within the membrane up in the cranium had been subjected to tension in a certain direction over time, and that the fibers within the membrane seemed to have organized and aligned themselves with the direction of the tension. His job was to retrain them back into their natural, healthy, healing flow. We worked together once a week for several sessions before the fascia surrounding my head was able to stay relaxed consistently throughout the week. There was one week approximately 3 sessions in when I ran back to Corey for an additional session…I was under a lot of pressure, and was feeling that the work would not be able to hold, but after that point, I progressed on my own.

As the weeks went on, the headaches decreased in increments, until they disappeared all together. It was one of the greatest gifts anyone had ever given me in my life. I would no longer spent one month out of each year rocking back and forth in bed, groaning in agony! There was an additional benefit to the release of the fascia surrounding my skull. I immediately, as the tissue released, began to fell consistently happier. I had no idea that the pain and the tension engulfing me had also clamped down on my emotional and creative freedom. Though I had managed to build a powerful career in spite of my pain, I had lost all sense of how to enjoy my daily life. One month into Corey's work, I found myself feeling happier than I had been in a decade. — Suzanne Lea

Thank you Corey for my session yesterday!! I'm feeling awesome!!
— Lori-Ann Pellechia-Preziosi

Corey you are awesome. Thank you for the help and relief you are giving to Sierra! Amazing how your techniques help her. Highly recommending you!
— Kathy Jones

Just had my first session, didn't know what to expect but it was awesome! I went into a deep healing trancelike state during the cranial adjustment. Corey was very informative and gave me information on how to stand and walk and feel your bones! I feel overall more balanced and alert.
— Pamela Chen


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